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The Berkshire Mammal Group formed in December 2010 with the aim to bring people together with a shared interest in mammals.


We run a programme of indoor talks and other outdoor events.





Training our members in mammal identification and other skills is very important to the group, as is encouraging the recording of your mammal sightings.       


Welcome to our website

Our aims


- To bring people together with a shared interest in mammals

- To survey and monitor Berkshire's mammals to establish distributions and abundance

- To organise training for members to gain essential skills in mammal identification and survey methods

- To raise awareness of mammals in Berkshire and increase knowledge of the threats many species face



** Edible Dormouse check 5th June - limited places available


** Dormouse course 25th June - limited places available



** Our Mammal of the Month for June is the Mole


** Check out our blog here


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The Berkshire Mammal Group is supported by the School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading

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